New Standards

My entire life I have confused passionate lust for real love. Love is not pain, read that again.  Stop justifying their every move or analyzing what they mean by this or by that. ENOUGH. They can't possibly comprehend that they are in fact toxic because they are so focused on avoiding their inner battles that... Continue Reading →

2018: Reactions, Energy & Mindset

I believe these are the three most powerful things one can practice and improve on. So many big changes are going to happen this year for starters I will graduate,  move downtown and start taking steps towards a career. Reactions  I will choose what is worth reacting too and what is not. I will make... Continue Reading →

A millennials graduation speech.

Like any millennial, I questioned the importance of a degree many times.  Looking back I realize how much it has strengthened the characteristics in me that are essential for success. A degree is so much more than what you learn from an academic standpoint. It teaches you how to cope with your own internal battles.... Continue Reading →

Inner wild child

It's sad isn't it, you ask someone about love and they tell you about heartache. There's this inner child in my soul who wants to live as passionately as possible. She jumps at the idea of lust and story lines unraveling. You should see her when men come back into our life after leaving or... Continue Reading →

Day 6: Laughing in Laughlin, Nevada

Check out the full trip here - Arizona 2016 This was a hilarious side trip. We were sitting on our patio in Lake Havasu and spontaneously decided to book a night stay at The Avi Resort & Casino  in Laughlin, Nevada. Apparently this is well known as the "cheaper vegas" it's a gambling hot spot but not... Continue Reading →

Day 3: Boating Route 66

Day 3: Put the boat in the water, bar hopped down the Colorado River and had lunch on the iconic Topack66 Bar. Lake Havasu connects to the Colorado River so we ventured up and found some really unique places along the way. I've always wanted to step foot on Route 66 never thought I would... Continue Reading →

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