Australia 2015

When: May 2015 – 4 week trip

Week one – Sydney

Sydney to me was every amazing city in the world combined. It had beaches like California, night life like Vegas, old historical pubs like Europe, Art like Victoria, it was just surreal. To get around you take the ferry everywhere and it was so easy to figure out. We lucked out and got to stay with family friends in their amazing apartment over looking the harbour.


  • Enjoying drinks on the fire lit patio at the opera house bar overlooking the harbour
  • Jumping in the pool at The Ivy Club
  • Catching the last few hot days at Bondi beach & Manly beach

Top Stories:

  1. For the first time in a decade our hometown hockey team had made it into the playoffs and a huge game was happening back home that we needed to see. So we headed to this casino at 11 am that apparently plays every game world wide..except ours. So we had to feed it through wifi on our tiny iPhones despite the massive screens surrounding us haha we looked ridiculous!


2.  My aussie friend was seeing a guy who works in the Gang suppression/bomb squad department and she had mentioned where we were and that her friends were in town from across the world. So this crew of massive guys comes into the bar all geared up and everything and everyone practically froze! They came right up to us and immediately shook our hands..I think everyone was scared of us after that haha.

3. My aussie friend Ben was chatting with my friend Matt and he goes “so do you have a girlfriend?” Matt mistakenly heard “do you have a go pro?” and goes on about how much he NEEDS one , he can’t wait any longer he might get one in aus rather than back home.. there is just so much you can do with one! and Ben goes I’ve had one for years mate they’re not that cool…the rest of us were in tears laughing.

Week 2 – Cairns

The biggest debate of the trip.. it is pronounced CANS. I got the coolest vibes from this town..nothing is over one story tall such a summer town filled with hippies and friendly locals. We stayed at the most legendary hostel in all of Australia.. Gilligan’s!


  • Partying & sunbathing everyday at the hostel’s pool bar
  • Scuba diving the great barrier reef
  • Meeting friends from all over the world
  • Meeting Canadians and realizing that it’s may long weekend back home!
  • Enjoying the towns lagoon

Top Stories:

  1. Every night there was a themed party night at the hostel, we’d forget to check what it was and just go in blind. In the peak of our “not a care in the world” mode my friend Abby and I headed out. We noticed a crowd forming around this one area, everyone was going wild and Abby was at that point of drunk where she would cheer whenever the crowd cheered. The host goes “okay we need a girl from every country, where are those canadians?” the crowd went wild and Abby starts cheering with her hands up (she had no idea what he had said) so I pointed at her and sure enough she gets brought down. Next thing you know they are pouring jello on her and a girl comes and tackles her out of no where so she had to remove her top. She ended up winning first place and we got free drinks all night.
  2. We signed up for this amazing “mountain and waterfall day tour” that everyone was raving about.. we realized pretty quickly how spoiled we are to live in Canada because their “mountains” were no larger than our hills back home and the waterfall was one of the smallest waterfalls i’d ever seen.. but we sure had a laugh!

Week 3- Byron Bay, Surfers Paradise, Nimbin & Brisbane

Byron Bay is something you’d only find in Australia, they call it the black hole because no one ever leaves and near the end I totally see why! The town knows you by name instantly, there is no rules and truly the easiest going people you’ll ever meet.

Nimbin on the other hand I could spend 1o min in that town and see all there is to see. Seriously, it’s that small! Years ago a music festival was thrown out in the middle of no where and people loved it there so much they just never left! That is how Nimbin formed.

Surfers Paradise is definitely the Vegas of Australia but with a gorgeous beach right beside it.

Brisbane looked beautiful but we had an early morning flight to catch and by that point we had just about enough money for breakfast and that was it so we did not explore that city unfortunately although it looked gorgeous!


-The unique shopping in byron bay (made my own jewelry)
-No shoes, no problem attitude!
-Saturday night BBQ’s at our hostel in byron
-Hillarious tour guide for our trip to nimbi
-Meeting a crew from our hometown!
-Sitting on the beach at night in surfers paradise
-Bella’ chicken sandwich i’ve EVER had