Inner wild child

It’s sad isn’t it, you ask someone about love and they tell you about heartache. There’s this inner child in my soul who wants to live as passionately as possible. She jumps at the idea of lust and story lines unraveling. You should see her when men come back into our life after leaving or when men charm us with their words. It’s a curse isn’t it to be so engulfed with words rather than actions. When men are chasing her that girl is the happiest most fulfilled version of herself. Is that wrong?

Then there’s my conscious who I like to refer to as the adult. She has had to witness the inner child get burned one too many times from rekindeling old flames.  She is emotionally exhausted from the men we attract. She finds vice after vice just to get through the chaos.

This year I made a strong effort to date different men, men that genuinely love me and treat me well. One lasted 6 months and I felt nothing towards an amazing “marriage material” guy. It was so forced and casual that I realized the inner child is right. I don’t care if it breaks my heart a thousand more times I have become too strong to ever get ruined by a man again. With no question and no fear, I will forever let that wild child run and jump at anything that races our heart.


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