Day 4: Blueberry Beer & Sunshine

Day 4: Exploring the city, shopping, brewery tour and ending the night with a sunset.

Okay so we did a lot more exploring drinks at various pubs than we did “shopping” but what’s the difference really?

B L U E B E R R Y BEER? Seriously try it!! It’s life changing. When it comes to craft beer I usually stick to lagers, blonde ales and the odd fruity wheat ale. College Street Brewhouse  has this famous beer on draft all year round. Notes of vanilla and fresh blueberries you’ll be back just for the beer alone!

We eventually found enough willpower to walk away from the blueberry beer and kept exploring. We stopped in at The Turtle Beach Bar (with an affordable water front hotel attached to it) and my next favourite place of the trip… KOKOMO

Unfortunately it was early afternoon on a Tuesday so we didn’t get the full experience at this iconic beach bar but I could only imagine what this place is like on a busy night.


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