Day 2: Parker, Arizona

Day 2: The Desert Bar & The Sundance Saloon

Luckily we had a truck and a driver for the day otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to see these hot spots. Drinking and driving rules are incredibly strict in Arizona so plan ahead. We drove from Lake Havasu to Parker which is about 45 min.

Tip: Pee before you go!! This is one bumpy and long drive. It takes about an hour, is very narrow but it’s all worth it.


The Desert Bar has a kid-friendly restaurant and an outside lounge with incredible live music. It’s such a journey to get up here that I recommend staying for at least an hour or two. It’s hours are seasonal so ensure you check if it’s indeed open before you start the journey up. I call this bar “something out of nothing” it was unique, completely in the middle of no where but well worth the drive.

Next stop: The Sundance Saloon

I fell in LOVE with this bar, it’s right on the water and designed so you can pull up by boat. There’s friendly bartenders, people of all ages and it’s located right by a hotel. I loved it so much I even bought a shirt haha.



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