Day 6: Laughing in Laughlin, Nevada

Check out the full trip here - Arizona 2016 This was a hilarious side trip. We were sitting on our patio in Lake Havasu and spontaneously decided to book a night stay at The Avi Resort & Casino  in Laughlin, Nevada. Apparently this is well known as the "cheaper vegas" it's a gambling hot spot but not … Continue reading Day 6: Laughing in Laughlin, Nevada


Day 4: Blueberry Beer & Sunshine

Day 4: Exploring the city, shopping, brewery tour and ending the night with a sunset. Okay so we did a lot more exploring drinks at various pubs than we did "shopping" but what's the difference really? B L U E B E R R Y BEER? Seriously try it!! It's life changing. When it comes … Continue reading Day 4: Blueberry Beer & Sunshine