Manifesting my dream career

This first exercise is called Clarity Through Contrast. It outlines exactly what I don’t want in a career which translates to exactly what I do want. Try it yourself!


Working nights/weekends
Not enough vacation time
No health benefits
Not enough pay
A boss I don’t respect
Doesn’t challenge me
Doesn’t grow me
Early mornings
Bad location/commute
No flexibility
Corporate/fake atmosphere


Get off work in time to have dinner/relax
Not limited to vacation time or min 4 weeks a year
Health benefits for myself and family
Pays very well so bills aren’t a stress and travel comes easy
A boss I look up to and respect
A job that I feel inspired by because it grows and challenges me
A staff that is just like family with no drama
Flexibility to come in at 10am vs 9am some days
Great location for lunches and fitness
An inspiring view!!

The second exercise: Creating the passion forces you to change your mindset into a positive one. In order to attract what you desire you must first get excited and passionate about it. Replace the following statements with ones of your own and rehearse these daily.

“I’m in the process of attracting all that I need to do, know and have to attract my ideal career.”

I love knowing that my ideal career will provide financial stability to myself and my family.

I love the thought of my ideal career allowing for wonderful flexibility for starting and ending each work day.

I get excited when I think of my ideal career being full of upbeat and cheerful co-workers. Our staff is a close bonded family.

I love knowing my ideal career allows me to have meetings over lunch in a casual atmosphere.

I love the thought of having a inspirational view in my office.

I get excited at the thought of coaching other staff members and my workplace looking up to me with respect.

“The Law of Attraction is unfolding and orchestrating all that needs to happen to bring me my desire(s).”

Exercise Three: Allowing Statements
Write down some current fears about your career path and replace each one with an allowing statement.

Limiting Belief:  A marketing degree is a waste of money, time and is too competitive.
Allowing Statement: In this very moment, 1,000,000’s of students are being sought after because of their education…. Right now, 1,000’s of businesses only hire those who have completed degrees. Today, 100o’s of marketing students are getting jobs because of their degree.

Limiting Belief:  There are too many businesses that offer the same type of consulting as my future business.
Allowing Statement: In this very moment, 1,000,000’s of businesses are in need of marketing help…. Right now, 1,000’s of businesses are willing to pay for that help especially with someone they trust and get along with. Today, the online business market will sky rocket.

Exercise Four: Abundance Journal
Something everybody should have, an abundance journal helps open your eyes to the amazing things that happen to you daily. For myself it’s my best practice at daily gratitude. 

This week I observed my Abundant-ness when I made an extra $200 in tips for starting work early.

This week I observed my Abundant-ness when I received a check of $400 for my hard work with my internship.

This week I observed my Abundant-ness when my friend paid for desert and coffee while we shared relationship advice.


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