Stay Inspired.


Everyone has had those days or weeks where you just feel blah.. you have nothing to look forward to, no big events seem to be coming your way and you’re just stuck living your daily routine. Whenever you feel like this take it as a sign that you have the remote to your life and it’s time to change the channel.

Stay inspired. 

You owe it to yourself to stay as inspired as you can every single hour that you are living.

Every conversation you have make it one that you are truly engaged in. Listen to stories and adventures people have lived, listen to any advice that people have to offer. Listen to music that feeds your soul.

Surround yourself with only those that are positive and motivated. Visit new places, new restaurants, new events. Whatever it is that interests you.

What you watch on tv should be teaching you something. Instead of watching your usual sitcom.. watch a tutorial on something you’ve always wanted to learn, watch documentaries on everything and anything that interests you. Watch movies that are moving and have won awards.

Read books that grow you as a person and change your perspectives. Read inspirational quotes morning and night. Read success stories, love stories, travel blogs, new recipes etc.

Reflect on only the good memories you  have shared with your loved ones. Reflect morning and night on what you did and what you need to focus on for tomorrow.

Talk  about your goals and your dreams. Talk about that kind gesture that happened to you the other day or a really cute couple you saw out at dinner.

Everything you do should inspire you.

When one is inspired it is truly amazing what the outcome is. Your life will change, you will become so much more happier and excited to start the next day. The fire in you will never burn out and most importantly..

you will never feel bored, dull or stuck in a routine again.


2 thoughts on “Stay Inspired.

  1. MomentumMikey says:

    thanks for such great reminders, and such inspiring thoughts!! Watch, read, reflect — ABSORB and LISTEN. great post and thanks for the extra shot of inspiration today. If you see me smiling later, it might just be because of you and your words. momentummikey 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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