It’s really easy to lose appreciation for the things around you, we’re all guilty of it. I took this gratitude assessment quiz from a book i’m reading (The Compound Effect) that I decided to share. 

Three amazing people in my life are

My dad



Three great things about my physical body are 

My legs

My height

My hair

Three great things about my home and where I live are

My house is huge!!

My roommates and I get along great

I have the entire basement to myself

Three great things about where I work and what I do for a living are

I can pick up or release shifts whenever I want

It’s easy money and short hours

I don’t have a limit on vacation time

Three great gifts of unique talent and skill I have been given are

Seeing both sides to a story, I find that’s a pretty rare skill to have

The ability to cut ties with toxic people, that’s a strength not many people have

Planning and organizing details

Three great gifts of knowledge and experience I have been given are

Having a very diverse friend group and getting along with all sorts of people

Having insanely positive people and knowing how to have a laugh on a bad day

I understand that life goes on, and better things are always just around the corner.

Three ways I have experienced “luck” in my life are

Scoring a wicked internship a month before I graduated

Knowing the right people and saving on accomodation when I travel to certain places

Buying a used car from a private sale and not having any problems with it!

Three ways in which my life is wealthy, abundant and prosperous are

My vacations are always unbeatable

My car is sporty and trendy

My family has a boat, pool, fruit trees, unbeatable view, summer cabin on a lake and a gorgeous place out in the country.

Yup, life is good.


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