Broke, but with an itch to fly away.

I am not one to think about things realistically and after budgeting with my financial advisor realize it wouldn’t be a smart move to travel…No. fuck that I will wake up in vegas or on a yacht traveling the greek islands if it means I have to apply for a new visa and pay it off later I don’t give a fuck. But I mean I am truly in a financial situation where I cannot travel. I have an internship too good to pass up, i’m in debt and have to save for school, not to mention a full time job and a stack of bills. It’s just not going to be my year for a big trip. Which is okay because I know I will make it happen one day.

yacht week.jpg

I have an insane calling to be where I am not. Is this like a hormonal thing that fades with time?? My god. I swear the itch to leave just grows and grows. Not getting home sick is a true blessing that I have while being away. Once i’ve landed in a country i’m just kind of like okay life is here now. I’ve already experienced enough of home. Of course I miss people when I am away but in this day and age it is so easy to keep in contact that you’re never truly out of touch. In case you don’t have an itch to get up, drop all fucks and leave. This is kind of what i’m picturing…


I get so mad at people that casually bring up an idea of a trip and then never do anything about bitch i’m going to honestly lose sleep over this idea and it won’t stop until I get there. and for some reason the travel bug decides to come in at full force late at night. For real it’s 10:40 pm right now I have to be up early but here I am sipping on red wine and dreaming about a life on the other side of the world. Anyways i’ve decided that how I am going to deal with this inability to go buck wild on the other side of the world is by truly embracing the things around me.

– Get some girls together pitch in a luxurious hotel downtown and make up some crazy story of where you’re from while at the bar downstairs flirting with guys.

– Live music, what a great way to refresh the soul. 

– Look up the top 10 touristy things to do in your city and go do them!

– Wear only your best outfits for a week straight.

– Treat yourself, out of no where on a day off just go get a cheap set of nails or a 30 min massage. 

– The best part about traveling (for me anyways) is meeting people, so have a party and push people to bring friends that are out of your regular friend group. Mingle.

– If you’re having a bad day, poor yourself a margarita put on some britney and have a damn dance party. 


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